Online Help - Claim Entry Confirmation Report


This functionality allows you to search for and view submitted claims that have been entered after 8:00 am (CST) today. The claims have a status of 'Received' and have not yet been sent on for processing.

To view claims that have already been sent on for processing, use the Claims Status Report.

You can select the claims you wish to be included in the claim entry confirmation report by selecting filter criteria. The Claims Status report will include claims that meet all the entered search criteria. There are default selections for the criteria.

Entry Fields


Displays the logged in user's location.


Select a single provider or All Providers. All providers for the logged in user's location are listed. When only one provider exists for the location, it will be selected and displayed.


Report Sort Order

Select a sort order for the claims on the report.  Options are Recipient ID, Patient Last Name, Entered Date and Date of Service.




Perform search for claims based on selected criteria. Reports will display only the first 1,000 records that meet your search criteria. Please narrow the search criteria if you receive 1,000 records to ensure all appropriate results are seen.